Benedict Cumberbatch // Out Magazine - November 2014

My brother just released his first EP and he’s really really proud of it! It’s taken him over a year to make and produce everything and he’s done it all by himself (mainly in our basement until he moved out……. pls it’s been painful).

If you could maybe give him some views that would be really kind of you! It might not be your cup of tea, but he really deserves some views after how long he’s been working on this.

He’s done everything by himself, like, literally. (He’s even ordered 500 physical copies of it and I’m afraid 95% of them won’t be sold..but he’s not doing this for money anyway, he just loves music so much and he’s spent thousands of hours on this.)

The other three songs: x x x

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Anonymous said:
Where's the drama? I don't know if I'm following the right or the wrong kind of people because I see no fighting on my dash. But I do like to follow stupid dramas and surreal wanks so where is it?? Is it even a good kind of drama? I want to sit back and eat popcorn too!

I don’t really want to expose them if you don’t already know what it’s about, it’s kinda stupid tbh (in my opinion, maybe not to them), and it seems to have calmed down a bit right now. I think. Yeah. I don’t know, I’m not exactly scrolling my dash at the moment :)

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Your constellation Auriga. One of the stars is missing.

Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.

hey friends!!! so since i’m going to be living at home for another year, i want to make the most out of my room and make it as cosy as i can, and dad said it was okay for me to change the wallpaper since it’s such a small wall!! i did choose this brown floral one back when i was 14, but like, it’s brown and it’s not calm and it doesn’t go to aaany colours. sooo what would you think i could change to? i’m kinda into all kinds of grey colours, so if you had any pictures or anything of nice bedrooms etc, please please link me? :)))

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bbc sherlock // episode posters

my grandfather’s grand..something emigrated from sweden to minnesota like how cool isn’t that tho

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so what's going on in my life? i'm learning to draw and last night i almost set fire to my pillow.

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